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Orthodontics (braces)

orthodontics costa ricaIt is the specialty that deals with the correction of occlusion development, by means of fixed or removable braces. There are three types of orthodontics:

Preventive Orthodontics

This type of orthodontics will prevent malocclusion, will control the habits (such as finger sucking, swallowing with tongue pressure) predominating in preschool children.
The teeth are the primary maintainers of space, so when lost early it will cause problems such as bad positioning of teeth and occlusion (biting). This can be corrected with fixed or removable space maintainers.

Interceptive orthodontics

This means acting when the malocclusion is in process and the pattern is prevented by using removable or fixed appliances.

Corrective Orthodontics

This applies when the malocclusion is well underway, occlusal disorder has occurred and fixed braces are needed to correct it, such as:

  • Conventional retainers.
  • Invisaline (it is a method that corrects malocclusion using nearly invisible, removable splints). It is a clinically proven technique to align teeth without using metal braces.
  • Removable orthodontics.

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Phone Numbers: CR +506-2228-0541, USA Whatsapp +506- 6050-8910, +506-8827-7825


Skype: Dental Dental Costa Rica

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